SHALVINO – New Member of Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Georgia is a cradle of vine and viticulture. Georgian traditional wine-making counts 8000 years.

Vine culture is closely related to the heredity of Georgian nation, which was reflected in architecture, painting, poetry, singing and other fields of art, also in traditional customs.

More than 500 cultural vine species flourish in Georgia. Nowadays, as well as in distant past, east Georgia – Kakheti is a center of vinery. This wonderful region of the country stands out with its unique climate and geographical conditions.

Shalva Gvaramadze Winery is a family enterprise based on long-standing family traditions, which is managed by himself and his eldest son – Levan. Surname Gvaramadze comes from historic region of Georgia – Meskheti. Shalva Gvaramadze’s grandfather – Aleksandre had best terrace vineyards in village Azmana, where he produced unique Meskhetian wine.

Since 1985 Shalva Gvaramadze began cultivation of his own vineyards in the east region of Georgia, namely in Kakheti, Gurjaani district, village Kardenakhi. Since old times, Village Kardenakhi has been known for its special soil and climate, which give unique organoleptic properties to the grapes cultivated here.

Nowadays, the winery owns up to 100 hectares of vineyards, which are planted on the right embankment of the river Alazani, on 390 meters above sea level. Part of the vineyards are planted within the historic micro-zone of Kindzmarauli, in the territory of village Eniseli on the embankment of the river Chelti, also in the micro-zones of Tsaraps (unploughed strip between fields), Akhoes (patches of forest cleared for ploughing) and Motskobili, which gives unique properties to the wine of Shalva Gvaramadze Winery.

In the same village Kardenakhi, on the land of the Gvaramadzes, is located the cellar of the winery, where there are up to 140 “Kvevris” (wine-jars).

Shalva Gvaramadze Winery preserves and continues ancestry traditions devotedly and produces best quality Kakhetian wine using the knowledge accumulated during thousands of years, which gained numerous acknowledgements in the international arena.

The company is planning to reach new markets, they particularly interested in European markets, especially – Poland market.

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