Batumi among „Best European Cities to Invest” in 2020

Forbes’ senior contributor Amy Dobson has named the Georgian Black seaside resort of Batumi among the “best European cities to invest in for 2020”.

Dobson reached out to LeadingRE, a global consortium of 565 real estate brokerages across 70 countries, to find out which cities were showing signs of real estate growth but hadn’t yet surpassed the threshold for turning a profit.

„With plenty of land available in Batumi and little restriction on development, new projects are popping up in the city to cater for the uplift in demand,” she cited Chris Dietz, executive vice president of global operations for LeadingRE.

Dietz also noted that “investors, also from neighbouring Turkey, are attracted to the 2,000-year history and culture as well as the favourable prices compared to other more well-known European coastal hubs”.

You can watch the recent video released by Visit Batumi Facebook page:


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Publiée par Visit Batumi sur Mardi 17 décembre 2019



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