Polish Days in Georgia

Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce would like to invite you to the Polish Days in Georgia.

Polish Days is a series of events from November 28 to December 12, 2019 promoting Poland in Georgia, organized by Polish Investment and Trade Agency with partners.

The main objective of the event is to promote Polish products and convince Georgian consumers of their high quality. Georgian partners – retail chains (FMCG), pharmacy and drugstore chains and construction warehouses – will promote Polish products in their stores in Tbilisi, as well as throughout Georgia. Popularization will take place through specially prepared events: tastings and promotions of Polish products, distribution of leaflets, quizzes about knowledge about Poland with prizes, information in newspapers, social media, etc. However, the most important message of the event will be by marking Polish products on the shop shelves through specially designed promotional materials with the Polish flag and the Polish Days’ logo.

Members of the Chamber will participate in the event, as for example:

  • Gorgia (https://www.gorgia.ge/)
  • Ewa Bis (https://ewabis.com.pl/)
  • Power Duck (https://powerduck.pl/)

Save the date and join the event, try how Poland tastes!

Opening event is going to take place on 28.11.2019 in the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi.

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