ALEKSANDREULI WINERY – New Member of Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Aleksandreuli Winery is a new member of Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The company is based in Racha and produces Georgian wines since 1994. First factory was established in village Bugeuli one of the villages in Khvanchkara microzone in Racha. In 2018  the factory had completely been renovated to meet European standards of production, with a completely new building as well as the state of the art Italian equipment for wine production.

At the moment the company operates in two markets, locally in Georgia under the brand name Chini and in Ukraine under the brand name of Bugeuli. Aleksandreuli Winery has it’s own vineyards in Racha as well as in Kakheti, which means that they fully source their own grapes which guarantees the high quality of the wine produced.

Even though the company has the largest winery in Racha (50% of total Racha capacity) compared to the other large wineries in Kakheti they are relatively small. They specialize in wines from Racha such as Khvanchkara, Tetra, Aleksandreuli etc. and take pride in the quality of our wines.

With the new factory, the company plans to expand our exports to other countries and are looking to establish new partnerships.

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