Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking was founded in 2001 based on the old family traditions. The company’s mission is to produce high quality products using combination of modern technologies and antient traditions. The key direction of the Company is production of alcoholic beverages from the unique grape varieties of the eastern and western Georgia including wine, Georgian brandy and Georgian Chacha. Among various range of brands KTW’s main brand Old Kakheti is sold in more than 15 countries worldwide and starting from 2011 it is the bestseller among all imported brandies in Ukraine. Results for year of 2018 show that KTW has exported more than 14 000 000 bottles of alcoholic beverages.

Nowadays, Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking is one of the largest wine and brandy producing companies in Georgia.

The products of the KTW are presented in over 20 countries all over the world: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, France, England, USA, Norway, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Slovakia. Results for year of 2017 show that they have exported as much as 11 618 000 bottles.

KTW produces wine, brandy, sparkling wine and chacha with traditional Georgian techniques mixed with the state of art technologies. This allows company to preserve an old, unique taste of wine and create its own signature style to spread to the world.

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