GORGIA – A Reliable Partner

DIY hypermarket Gorgia is offering to customers best price for more than 51000 various categories and materials that meets the needs of local market. After  years of its development, the brand turned into one of the biggest companies in refurbishment industry in the Caucasus region.

It is place where everyone can find the products and specialized advice they need, whatever their desires or level of expertise may be. Their mission is to help customers with their home improvement projects with professional advice and expertise, combined with innovative services and strong price competitiveness;

Gorgia is partner of more than 600 companies and 4000 Brands   all over the world and represents  200 international manufacturers. GORGIA as one of the leading companies in the Caucasus region, is importing goods from all over the world and is actively working with different logistic companies.

Gorgia distribution network includes about more than 1700 shops in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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