Polska Borówka

Polska Borówka is one of the biggest producer of blueberries in Poland. The company “Polska borówka” is a reliable company, which knows all realities of the Polish and foreign markets. They cooperate with many companies in Poland and all over the world.

Offer of Polska Borówka includes mainly advicing and consultancy in the cultivation of blueberry and Kamchatka berries. Another field of their operating is assistance in installing certificates for new plantations, where certification is one of the requirements for the purchase of fruit nowadays. The company buys and sells blueberry plants and Kamchatka berries, also cooperate with certified nurseries.

Polska Borówka’s offer is addressed to customers mainly starting their adventure with blueberries and Kamchatka berries, who are un experienced in these field. They want to help them manage the plantation as best as it is possible by offering the best seedlings and advicing in the cultivation for fruit to be of the highest quality and, consequently, plantations will brought the expected profits. However, they do not focus only on debutants in this industry. The offer also includes fruit purchase, which is directed mainly to people who already produce blueberries.

Polska Borówka team noticed that the Georgian market has a big potential in agriculture industry. The development of this sector is growing at a very fast pace. There are not too many blueberry farmers in the local market, and if they are, the plantations are very young.  Company’s goal is to help farmers in Georgia produce good quality fruits, implement certificates, which will help them to grow sales in this area.

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