MACRO-SYSTEM is a new member of the Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

MACRO-SYSTEM is a Polish private company operating in the domestic and international IT markets since 1984. It specializes in designing, manufacturing, implementing and maintaining dedicated IT systems in respect of both hardware and dedicated software.

The innovative solutions implemented by the company utilize state-of-the-art electronic and ICT technologies. They are a result of the company’s own research and development activities as well as more than 30 years of experience in the execution of projects addressing the needs of various clients expecting products at the highest world-class level. The company quickly responds to changing technological conditions, which is enabled by, among others, employing qualified specialists having multifaceted competences in the fields of mechanics, electronics, low and high level software, client-server applications, web applications, telecommunications, maintenance and operator services, modern design and ergonomics, project management.

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