Red eggs, Wheat, Paska – Meaning of Easter symbols VIDEO

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There are several symbols that have become a part of Orthodox Easter celebration. Eggs dyed in red, frequently served on the wheat planted at home along with the Easter bread – paska, also called Kulich, is still a tradition that counts years of existence, with each symbol bearing special meaning.

Red Eggs 

The symbol of Easter and life itself, red eggs are one of the main attributes of the Easter table. They are dyed on Good Friday, the color representing the blood and sacrifice of Christ for humanity. According to the legend, when Saint Mary Magdalene congratulated the Roman Emperor Tiberius on Christ’s resurrection and gifted him with an egg, he replied “I’d sooner believe in this egg becoming red than into a man coming back from the dead”. The egg immediately turned red. Dyeing eggs became a tradition among Christians ever since.

geotv.geThe symbol of Easter and life itself, red eggs are one of the main attributes of the Easter table

Despite the existence of numerous dyeing powders, the most tried and true method to this day is using madder and onion peel. Besides being ecologically clean, madder gives eggs a distinct taste and aroma. You have probably noticed that Easter eggs dyed using madder are tastier than usual and don’t go bad for a long time.


According to an old tradition, Christians sow wheat on Palm Sunday. For this, they put wet cotton on a dish and sprinkle some wheat on it. The wheat takes root and small sprouts appear.

geotv.geChristians sow wheat on Palm Sunday

Traditionally, Christians congratulate each other on Easter with a baked paska and several dyed eggs laid on a dish with such sprouts. Green sprouts are a symbol of new life given to humanity by Christ after his resurrection.


Paska is a special cake baked on Easter by Christians as a sign of their faith. It represents Golgotha, the mountain where Christ was crucified. Despite paskas being widely available everywhere nowadays, a home-made one has a completely different taste and its own appeal.

geotv.gePaska is a special cake baked on Easter

The process of baking one is quite laborious, but greatly contributes to the festive mood. The result is definitely worth the effort.

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