Tax and administrative assistance

We provide bookkeeping services, tax assessments, preparation of payrolls, and services connected with current operation of the accounting department and human resources administration.

    Our services include comprehensive bookkeeping in compliance with the requirements of Georgian and Polish legislation, based on international standards.

    We offer:

    • arrangement of the chart of accounts and supporting information scheme;
    • preparation of database in the financial and accounting system;
    • record-keeping of documents received from You and the contracting parties;
    • reporting financial data to the company’s Management Board and to the group pursuant to your requirements;
    • preparation of statutory financial statements and assistance in preparation of the Management Board’s report on the company’s operations;
    • preparation of statements and reports to the tax inspection authorities;
    • cooperation with auditors.

    Our service includes the calculation, on the basis of accounting books and registers, of the income tax on legal entities and VAT tax for a specific tax period or year as well as the preparation of adequate tax returns. We also prepare specifications summing up the VAT tax in the trade between Georgia and the EU.

    With reference to the VAT tax the Chamber renders comprehensive services in tax consultancy including:

    • tax reviewing of VAT tax settlements directed at identifying and quantifying tax risks and verifying the correctness of settlements with the tax authorities;
    • consulting in the scope of VAT tax in view of planned transactions in order to restrict the tax risk and specify the optimization possibilities for a specific transaction;
    • current tax consultancy concerning the conducted business activity.

    We provide comprehensive services in the scope of wages calculation pursuant to the binding regulations of the labour law and the income tax on individuals including fixed and variable remuneration components, for example employee bonuses, overtime, leaves of absence as well as remuneration for the employee’s sick leave. We also take care of proper management of the employment files and the whole documentation concerning employment relationship and leaves of absence, in compliance with the labour code. We prepare declarations of discharge to the tax and revenue office and other tax inspection authorities. We cooperate with these institutions in the scope of prepared documentation in case of any questions. The scope of services also covers the assistance in the procedure of employment of new employees and leaving employees. We take care that the processes connected with personnel  and wages, carried out for You, are in compliance with the regulations, efficient and easy to execute.

    We will personally support your company in case of urgent changes or lack of qualified staff in the accounting department. Acting flexibly, we shall provide, for a specified period of time,   members of the staff, whose commitment will allow the company to operate gently and fulfill the obligations of financial and tax reporting. Wide resources of specialists in accounting, taxes and settlements, forming our team, enable to adjust the project team to your temporal needs.

    Advantages coming from this solution are in particular as follows:

    • reduction of work consumption and personnel costs connected with bookkeeping, calculation of taxes and settlements with the employees;
    • new, independent approach to corporate accounting books and settlements;
    • specialised knowledge and Chamber’s expert support to solve technical problems;
    • working time flexibility;
    • in case of dynamic changes in your company we flexibly adjust the team in the course of the project;
    • cost reduction and risk minimization connected with traditional model of employment  (cost of recruitment, administration, training, no access to technical knowledge, fortuitous events, medical care, etc.).

    By cooperating with us You receive services adjusted to individual requirements of your company. We provide not only a high substantive level of our services, but above all we attach special importance to build long-term relations with You, which is particularly important in case of our services.