Technological packet

Since the beginning of its activities the Polish-Georgian Trade and Commercial Chamber has effectively provided modern technological solution service.

Technological packets join different functionalities which are required in automation of technological processing in multiple branches of business activities.

Comoveo CRM system

The offer provides:

  • Clients data base
  • System of tasks for execution with their run
  • Calendars with tasks for execution and calendar’s note system
  • Possibility of clients address data storage
  • Module of offers creation
  • System of projects execution
  • Invoicing module
  • Basic module of mass mailing dispatch
  • Data import/export

Mailer Mailing System

The offer provides:

  • Upgraded system for mailing (mass mailing messages)
  • Entire spamming control of user: Possibilities of dispatch configuration upgrade, among others, with:
  • Setting of many subjects and many contents of dispatched messages
  • Setting of dispatch beginning and end
  • Possibilities of adding any number of postal accounts and their dispatch setting
  • Control over dispatch speed (for example 100 mails per minute or 50 mails per 5 minutes)
  • Dispatch personalization, among others, with client’s data, campaign’s data, mail accounts data
  • Possibilities of settlement of a few servers which are used for dispatch
  • Possibilities of messages patterns graphic creation
  • Entire set of statistics concerning dispatch (who opened or clicked a link, when the event was registered)
  • Possibilities of clients data, statistics and mail accounts import/export

Printing of materials

The offer covers printing of any advertising materials, among others:

  • Business cards, fliers
  • Advertising folders, calendars,
  • Stickers
  • Magnet stickers (among others for sticking on cars – easily can be attached/removed)

Preparation of materials and advertising campaigns

Preparation of graphics for companies. Among others, creation of.:

  • SIW – Visual identification systems (business papers, business cards, briefcase, envelope)
  • Design of responsive Internet websites with panels for content self management
  • Creation of fliers design
  • Assistance with selection of proper advertising form
  • Advertising campaigns /Ad words / Face book / Remarketing

VPS server

  • Purchase and service of VPS Server square.