Organization of outsource financing

Consultants of the Polish-Georgian Trade and Commercial Chamber audit and prepare solicitation offers catalogue and public procurement. For our clients we prepare questions, applications and solicitation documents in accordance with criteria applied both in Georgia and Poland. We also specialize in attainment for clients grants and funds both from European Union and Georgian Government (requests and applications for grants). There are many areas where the Chamber is able to attain investment incentives. Having familiarized with client’s requirements we propose the most beneficial model of project execution, taking into consideration flexibility of financial structure through amenities and programs for foreign investors. The Chamber Staff cooperates with entities specialized in search of real estates and land for our clients investment. We evaluate real estates and value due diligence. We also scrutinize legal status of real estate concerning legal defects and other possible charges. We offer our support for clients also in area of transactions and entirely verify all necessary documents.

We prepare and advise in each stage of procedure until final of transaction.