Legal assistance

Polish and Georgian Chamber of Industry and Trade legally supports its members, both in Poland and Georgia. It advises the companies, including capital companies. The Chamber represents the interests of its members in administrative and court proceedings.

Chamber’s dedicated legal department specializes in:

  1. Legal services provided to entrepreneurs –
  • Formal and legal services rendered to bodies of commercial companies,
  • Legal auditing of entrepreneurs (due diligence process),
  • Preparation, amendment of company agreement and articles of association,
  • Consulting in share or stock operations, also including consulting in the scope of amendment of the share capital.
  1. Court and arbitration proceedings –
  • Representing the entrepreneurs in front of common courts of law and the Supreme Court in cases connected with their business activity,
  • Representing the entrepreneurs in arbitration and conciliation proceedings,
  • Consulting at the pre-trial stage, including the selection of the trial strategy,
  • Running legal negotiations with entities with the purpose to amicably settle the disputes.
  1. Contracts –
  • Editing and giving opinions on contracts used in everyday operations,
  • Negotiating contractual provisions with contacting parties,
  • Preparation of draft contracts adjusted to the needs of the entrepreneurs, and also by-laws and other legal documents.
  1. Recovery of debts –
  • Debt collection,
  • Consulting in enforcement proceedings.
  1. Administrative proceedings –
  • Legal representation of clients in front of public administration bodies, and also administrative courts, in particular in matters concerning real property, including reprivatised ones, environmental protection, building law, and also financial markets regulations.