Drafting business plans

Long-term experience of our specialists as well as the diligence with respect to the client’s needs and expectations constitute the basis for our work. The preparation of the business plan, entrusted to us, is executed with the highest diligence and care for the details. We carry out business plans both for new/beginning companies as well as for State-owned companies, thanks to which our experience allows us to ensure You the highest quality of service, and the  preparation of the business plan, entrusted to us, is executed with particular care for the needs and expectations of our clients. Furthermore, each business plan prepared by our firm is subject to quality guarantee.

We offer You professional preparation of business plans for the needs of:

  • Obtaining an investment loan,
  • Getting an external investor,
  • Obtaining an EU subsidy (business plan or investment feasibility study),
  • Getting the permit to operate in Special Economic Zones,
  • Application to grant the status of the National Payment Institution,
  • Obtaining the subsidy from the Labour Office,
  • Own [needs] of the Client connected with the assessment of investment project profitability.

In the process of drafting of the business plan we attach great importance to communication/contact with the client, which guarantee full satisfaction of the effects of our work. We keep on explaining any doubts and serve with advice in order to finally provide the client with professional business plan as a printout and in electronic form. Depending on the entity or institution, to which the business plan is to be submitted, the requirements concerning its structure may be limited to the necessary minimum, or specify the application of the highest possible level of detail. No matter the purpose of the business plan and its requirements, its standard structure may be presented as follows:

  • Summary,
  • Company characteristic,
  • Description of product or service being the result of investment,
  • Market and competition analysis,
  • Marketing information,
  • Investment plan,
  • Investment management and qualifications of employees,
  • Investment implementation timetable,
  • Investment financing,
  • Financial prognoses,
  • Investment cost-effectiveness analysis,
  • Recap,
  • Appendices.