For the last ten years the Polish labor market has been subjected to significant structural changes. It was resulted by, inter allia, high volume of Polish labor emigration. In condition of increasing of Polish companies competition on internal and international market along with shortage of labor force foreign workers are becoming necessary. On 1st of March 2017 Georgia met requirements imposed by the European Union and in accordance with the European Union Parliament and European Council Act number 2017/372 joined the group of states with visa waiver program concerning stays up to 90 days. Our several years presence in Georgia along with cooperation with public administration, private sector and international institutions enabled us to create positive business relations what guarantee professional and upright approach to each client. We target our service at companies and entrepreneurs interested in labor force recruitment and delegating.

We recruit, among others:

Manufacturing lines workers

Storage workers

Construction machines operators

Backup personnel

Special workers ( for example welders )

and other workers in accordance with your demands

Area of service, each worker’s wage are negotiated individually. It is necessary to underline that workers directed by us are obliged to observe with agreed schedule of work and are subjected to internal rules of the company where they are appointed.
Within our portfolio of service we also offer outsourcing of process related to:

  • Legalizing of foreigners stay in Poland
  • Assistance with accommodation and rental of real estate
  • Training and foreigners preparation for appointment of new working positions.

Why should you accept our offer:

  • Possibility of vacancies updates through recruitment of foreigners from Georgia or other Caucasian countries.
  • Minimizing of labor cost
  • Lower costs and saving time
  • Recruitment of appropriate and motivated candidates with required skills.
  • Proficient and efficient recruitment with use of modern ways.
  • Quick response for recruitment requirements.

In order to prepare dedicated for you offer you are requested for telephone contact or fill the given below form