Memorandum Of Cooperation And Understanding Between The Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Deputy Chairman of “The Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)”, Tamaz Turmanidze, and the President of “Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce”, Marcin Rutowicz, have signed a memorandum on mutual understanding and cooperation on June 12.

Cooperation of the parties within the memorandum is based on principles of mutual respect, equality and support. The parties undertake responsibility to create appropriate terms for execution of activities in accordance with this memorandum.

According a memorandum parties agree on following:

  1. “The Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)” and “Polish Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce” are ready and willing to exchange their opinions and experiences in order to facilitate development of commerce and trade chambers.
  1. Both parties undertake responsibilities of permanent and close cooperation, ensure exchange of information in the field of trade, technical and economic cooperation and delegation exchange.
  2. Exchange information concerning international exhibitions in Georgia and Poland, also support each other within their authorities and provide technical assistance in the field of their interests.
  3. Cooperate in the fields of:
  • Commerce;
  • Economical and culture issues;
  • Material and moral support;
  • Consultancy for preparation of different programs;
  • Arrange mutual business meetings;
  • Lobbying of investors which are members of chamber business;


Those kind of activities are supporting regional development of Georgia and Poland, giving new opportunities to local communities. This partnership will increase further cooperation between “The Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and “Polish-Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce”.

18 ოქტომბერი 2018