NEO Black Sea Hackathon & Assembly

NEO Black Sea Hackathon and Assembly starts today, on September 28 in Tech Park Georgia.

This project involves a series of events including four academic lectures and a 2-1/2 day hackathon, followed by a potential public-private partnership to further develop and implement the winning smart contract application. The project will be marketed to the information technology academic and software development communities in order to attract the best talent. The hackathon will focus on developing smart contract applications that provide realistic solutions that Georgia could implement to streamline the process of real estate transactions.
The day of Assambly brings together 40 different NEO-based projects alongside NEO Leadership, and Georgian government officials. The Assembly brings key stakeholders together in Tbilisi, Georgia for a one-day forum to explore opportunities and develop blockchain technology infrastructure for the new smart economy.  The event connects innovators and leaders from the global NEO community to share expertise and perspectives in a collective spirit. It is a unique opportunity for an in-depth exploration of ideas, challenges, and practical considerations as each participating stakeholder looks to the future of a blockchain-enabled economy in the Black Sea region.
28 სექტემბერი 2018